An Enterprise Software Platform to Leverage NGS and Genomics/Omics Data in Cell Line Development

March 29, 2016

Presented at the Cell Line Development Conference 2016, Vienna, Austria

The introduction of next generation sequencing and omics technologies has changed the way in which cell line can be designed, selected and optimized. With the new era of genome-based cell line design, selection and gene editing, we have seen that there is an immediate need for seamless data management, integration, analysis, and result sharing. Furthermore, complex experimental workflows may require different tools and are only partially supported by currently available solutions. To address this need, we have developed an integrated knowledge management and data analysis platform, Genedata Selector. The enterprise system supports efficient genome-based cell line design, selection and precise gene editing for any expression system/organism or genome of interest (both for de novo or resequencing projects). With Genedata Selector, scientists can easily integrate, manage, and analyze genomic data, pathways, phenotypes, and intellectual property in a single platform. 

The system supports:

  • Management and analysis of genome-related knowledge - from genomes via pathways and phenotypes up to patents and literature
  • Integration and analysis of diverse NGS and omics data through standardized and reproducible workflows, superior visualization and sophisticated statistical analysis tools 
  • Automated determination of integration sites, insert integrity and copy number based on different targeted sequencing approaches
  • Genetic engineering and genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) in a secure environment
  • Centralized knowledge management and sharing to get the maximum value out of NGS and omics data

Genedata Selector improves the development of fully traceable, stable, high-yielding and competitive strains and cell lines while reducing necessary project time.

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