Designing Expression Systems for Difficult to Express Proteins: From Identification of Engineering Targets to Experimental Results in One New Enterprise Software Platform

March 29, 2016

Presented at PEGS, Boston, MA, USA

New strategies and technologies enable a systems biotechnology approach to decipher molecular mechanisms in the cell, and new approaches for the discovery and engineering of genes have significantly improved the ability to produce proteins which resist standard expression methods. For successfully expressing refractory proteins, strategies and methods include specialized engineering of genes/vectors/strains (e.g. focusing on the secretion apparatus), advanced molecular design, integration site determination, CNV and insert integrity analysis and focusing on tightly integrated cell line, media and process development, which may include testing and analyzing multiple combinations.

To address the bioinformatics and data management challenges of this complex research process, we have developed an enterprise software platform, Genedata SelectorTM

The system supports:


  • Efficient detection and prioritization of engineering targets to improve protein production (e.g. focusing on apoptosis, ER stress control or glycosylation)
  • Genetic and degradome engineering by genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9) in a secure environment
  • Management and analysis of genome-related knowledge for any expression system - from genomes via pathways and phenotypes up to patents and literature
  • Integration and analysis of diverse NGS and omics data through standardized and reproducible workflows, superior visualization and sophisticated statistical analysis tools 
  • Centralized knowledge management and sharing to get the maximum value out of NGS and omics data

Genedata Selector improves the development of superior expression systems while avoiding the costly loss of knowledge/IP and reducing project time.

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