Metagenomics Analysis and Optimization of Production Processes – Exploring the Unknown

July 16, 2015

Presented at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, Montreal, Canada

Metagenomics has emerged as a powerful tool to analyze microbial communities regardless of the ability of member organisms to be cultured in the laboratory. With the decreased cost of next generation sequencing technologies (NGS), metagenomics is now within the reach of many labs and researchers. Combining NGS with advanced bioinformatics solutions provides researchers with an opportunity to taxonomically profile entire microbial communities, decipher structure and function of various microbes, and generate novel hypotheses. This insight can be used, for example, to develop novel biocatalysts or enzymes, particularly in applications for which product quantities have to be produced at competitive prices.
Here we demonstrate Genedata Selector™, a comprehensive, scalable knowledge management suite that stores, analyzes and connects a broad range of data types, including genomes, metabolic pathways, phenotypes and patents. Big and complex data sets from NGS-derived metagenomes and transcriptomes are integrated in Genedata Selector and analyzed at different stages, enabling discovery of novel target microbes, genes, proteins, and pathways which can be used to design novel biocatalysts or enzymes, diagnostic, or therapeutic strategies, resulting in new IP.

We demonstrate how this application suite with its unique, transparent and reproducible analysis pipeline is used for a metagenomic and meta-transcriptomic approach to simultaneously obtain information on both functional characteristics and (taxonomical) structure of microbial communities, and how biomarkers and/or indicator species are identified that are predictive for the state and composition of the production process.

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