Streamlining Cell Line Development and Cell Culture R&D in the Genome Era through a Data Analysis and Knowledge Management System

May 20, 2015

Presented at PEGS, Boston, MA, USA

To support the development of fully traceable, stable, and high-yielding cell lines and reduces development time, we have developed an integrated knowledge management platform, Genedata Selector. The system integrates varied public and proprietary “omics” data from different sources and is highly scalable, being able to handle hundreds of genomes and related information. Additionally, all publicly available CHO cell lines and the Chinese hamster genome with refined gene models, improved functional annotation, TFBS and pathway information are integrated in this one platform. The system provides a comprehensive knowledge base with reference data to support:

  • Definition of genetic engineering strategies
  • Gene and genome editing (CRISPR sites in any genome)
  • Determination of insertion sites and integrity of expression vectors
  • Annotation of proprietary genomes and refinement of gene models
  • Integration of omics data to understand differences between cell lines, growth media or time points
  • Rationalization of cell culture process and media development


Genedata Selector increases the development of fully traceable, stable, high-yielding and competitive cell lines while reducing necessary project time.

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