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What's New in Screener 15.0

Genedata Screener 15.0 simplifies your daily analysis tasks, helps you deliver faster and better, and enables your research organization to quicken the pace of projects. The new version allows you to:
Move Around Faster with a Modern Interface

  • Use new visualizations to quickly understand and then act on your insights
  • Enjoy a simplified user interface
  • Try out our web-based client for a fast and automated workflow

Increase Your Efficiency

  • Focus on what’s interesting and delegate all repetitive tasks to Screener
  • Connect your lab automation to automated analysis – get quality, decision-ready assay results
  • Monitor your screening runs and share their results in real-time

Gain New Depths of Insight from Screening

  • Routinely characterize your large- or small molecule sets with SPR and BLI technologies
  • Scale up your mechanistic analysis assays and run them earlier in the discovery process

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