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Intact Mass Analysis using Automated Time-resolved Deconvolution: In-depth Characterization of IgG type Monoclonal Antibody Subunits

ASMS 2020 Reboot
June 1, 2020

The efficacy and safety of biotherapeutics are impacted by several factors including heterogeneity, aggregation, and physical and chemical degradation Consequently, extensive molecular characterization is required to select the best possible drug candidate and mitigate the risk of failing in late stages of drug development Here we present an innovative and unique deconvolution method to leverage intact mass analysis for automated screening and in-depth characterization of antibodies.

We present a novel two-dimensional deconvolution method for accurate identification and quantification of drug candidate fragments and their modifications. Genedata Expressionist offers this fully automatable approach to overcome the time intensive and non-reproducible selection of elution time ranges. Even co-eluting components and in-source decays can be identified and accurately quantified with this innovative method.

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