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Scaling Up Drug Discovery in the Fourth Dimension

ELRIG Drug Discovery, London, UK
October 10, 2018

Kinetic and mechanistic in-vitro characterisation of compounds yields critical predictive information on their potency in cellular assays, DMPK profile, and in-vivo performance. Thus, the ability to characterise more compounds this way in early SAR screening holds substantial benefit. Scalable instrumentation and lab automation to this end is available now. However, the complex data analysis easily takes a day per experiment, severely limiting throughput.

This poster outlines recent advances in data analysis to support the recent progress in developing plate based kinetic techniques along. A new software solution reduces analysis times ten-fold, while ensuring scalable, consistent, reliable processing of biophysical and mechanistic assays and direct publishing of results on a corporate level for effective ranking of lead series. With this new approach, we aim to dramatically scale up compound characterization embedded in a streamlined and modern pharma research workflow.

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