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First-in-Class Request Management Module to Increase Biotherapeutics R&D Operational Efficiency

PepTalk, San Diego, CA, USA
January 16, 2019

Discovery, optimization, and characterization of new biologics is a challenging process that requires close interaction between groups highly specialized in protein engineering, expression, purification, characterization, and external CRO organizations. Given the ever-increasing throughput in experiments, the constant demand for higher business targets, and the inherent complexity of large molecule R&D workflows, efficient intergroup communication and communication with external collaborators such as CROs, is vital in order to prioritize, schedule, and fulfill complex iterative, multi-step requests, status updates for each task and to ensure all steps are completed on time. Here we present the first commercially available Request Management Module (RMM) truly tailored to the needs of large molecule R&D workflows. The RMM system, when fully integrated in Genedata Biologics®, provides an overview of protein production and QC processes within R&D and simultaneously monitors all R&D operations. The RMM system tracks the full lifecycle of tasks, enables scheduling of experiments and real-time monitoring of the progression of requests. The RMM delivers efficient, standardized, streamlined, and traceable communication between groups, which significantly reduces the need for ad hoc communication. It streamlines the discovery, production, and characterization of both therapeutic monospecific antibodies as well as novel bispecific and other next-generation biologics.

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