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Transforming Quantity into Quality: A Highly Optimized System to Rapidly Process High Throughput Ion Channel Screening

CBI Annual Meeting, Tokyo, Japan
October 28, 2014

Electrophysiological ion channel measurements generate a significant amount of signal data with time traces often consisting of hundreds or thousands of data points. Furthermore, multiple events must be inspected, analyzed, and combined for an optimal analysis result. This, together with high data volumes, makes data processing very time consuming and laborious. In addition, recent advances in automated electrophysiology enable the screening of thousands of compounds per week, but data handling/processing infrastructures have not kept pace with these developments. In the absence of efficient computational platforms, valuable information can be overlooked and the technology fall short of meeting its high-throughput discovery expectations.

Genedata has addressed these bottlenecks and challenges. Through extensive consultations with researchers at some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Genedata has developed a specific solution for automated, high-throughput patch-clamping (high-throughput APC) experiments. The Genedata Screener® software package integrates the trinity of raw data - analysis - storage/reporting into one highly optimized workflow with a flexible interface. Together with the tight integration of components, this enables scientists to tailor each step and detail with all changes quickly propagated throughout the entire workflow.

This poster demonstrates how to simultaneously handle and analyze all plates and compounds from an automated electrophysiology campaign, enabling thorough quality control and accurate hit assessment. More than 3200 compounds were analyzed for over 10 384-well plates with 18,000 time points per well, and 2 (pre/post) channels, giving approximately 140 million data points. The whole data processing procedure takes less than 30 minutes from raw data input to export of detailed reports inclusive of quality control and hit identification. The software system also features a flexible application programming interface (API), which enables the implementation of custom data processing algorithms, APC results export to company data warehouses, and much more. Customized algorithm development exampled will be presented as well.

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