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Interactive Processing of Single-Cell Data from High Content Screening and Flow Cytometry

ELRIG Flow Cytometry, Ware, UK
November 19, 2014

There is an increasing need for very high throughput methods to analyze and gate single-cell data, both for object-level data from HCS assays, and for working with results from new automated plate-based flow cytometry platforms. Existing software solutions are typically not capable of handling data in amounts greater than a single plate and lack methods that support basic screening concepts such as normalization, replicate analysis, and quality metrics.

With Genedata Screener®, multi-featured measurements at single-cell resolution are imported for all plates of a complete screen. Results per well are calculated from individual cell populations based on user-defined criteria and functions that aggregate individual cell values to a population result. Cell population visualizations aid in definition, optimization, and validation of such processing; interactive changes trigger re-calculation on the fly. Analysis workflows specific to flow cytometry are supported, in particular definition, review, and analysis of cell populations and sub-populations, defined with graphically-drawn gates or with n-dimensional rule bases.

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