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A Deconvolution Algorithm for Efficient Discrimination between Real and Artefactual, Harmonic Signals in Intact Mass Analysis of a Bispecific Antibody

ASMS 2020 Reboot
June 1, 2020

In electrospray ionization mass spectra, charge deconvolution is used to calculate the mass from mass over charge (m/z) measurements. Applying deconvolution algorithms over wide input m/z or target mass ranges can produce artefactual “harmonic” signals—such as false mass peaks at one-half or twice the true mass—due to coincidences of the m/z series for masses with ratio relationships.

We present a deconvolution algorithm—which, compared to previously applied algorithms based on the Maximum Entropy principle, provides enhanced suppression of artefactual harmonic signals—and demonstrate its performance in the mass analysis of a bispecific antibody.

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