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Large-Scale Determination of Affinity, Specificity, and Kinetics of Complex Molecules: Automating Data Analysis at Pace with the New Possibilities

PEGS Europe, Lisbon, Portugal
November 12, 2018

Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) technologies are uniquely suited to determine biomolecular interaction parameters with high precision. These parameters are critical for selecting and optimizing the best antibody candidates. Moreover, complex molecular formats (e.g. bispecifics, trispecifics) require an exquisite modulation of affinities and kinetics for their different epitopes, which design again is based on reliable biomolecular interaction parameters.
Such detailed characterization of a high number of complex molecules in a timely manner thus is a critical factor for success. Novel instrumentation (e.g., GE Biacore 8K, Sierra Sensors MASS-2 and ForteBio Octet HTX) allows measurements at unprecedented throughput and enable the larger screening campaigns required. However, analyzing the acquired data in a timely and consistent manner across the organization creates a challenge. This challenge is compounded in cases where multiple instruments are used in the same lab, and where data has to be compared across assays, sometimes measured with different instrumentation.
Here we present Genedata Screener® for SPR and BLI, a unique software solution for the analysis of SPR and BLI data from a range of modern instruments. Genedata Screener® fully automates the data analysis from raw sensorgrams to end results. It supports a wide range of assay setups to determine affinity, specificity and kinetics of molecules in multiple formats. As a central hub for all SPR/BLI data analysis across the organization, it guarantees data traceability and consistent quality of results, independent of the originating instrument. Together with other complementary solutions in the Genedata Biopharma Platform, it allows organizations to run screening campaigns at unprecedented throughput, ultimately leading to a higher number of top quality antibody candidates in a shorter time.

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