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Increase Throughput in Design and Production of Non-Antibody Tool Proteins and Cell Lines

PEGS Boston, Boston, MA, USA
April 8, 2019

The availability and quality of the tools being used for drug targets, other protein reagents, or cell lines represent important prerequisites for successful drug discovery and development projects. The tools are typically produced by cell and protein sciences or technology groups and are supplied to small-molecule and large-molecule research and screening as well as to structural biology and PK-PD groups. Tool proteins and cell lines are usually applied in many types of bioassays and compound characterization, in high throughput screening, and in crystallization studies. We have developed workflow support platforms which enable the high-throughput design, engineering, validation, and production of these important tool proteins and cell lines. The systems include comprehensive tracking and annotation of proteins and cell lines, their domain variants (e.g., truncated or mutated), corresponding expression constructs, expressed and purified materials, related analytics and quality control data, together with sample inventory and warehousing information, as well as transfer and QC documentation (e.g., auto-generated Certificate-of-Analysis). We present how our platforms enable high-throughput or highly parallelized workflows and a systematic evaluation of protein production and cell line development

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