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Enhance Quality Control and Novel Phenotype Detection with Genedata Imagence 3.0

Award-winning Genedata Imagence is recognized as the go-to in biopharma R&D for automating image analysis in high content and phenotypic screens. Deep learning-based, Imagence provides a fast and versatile way to easily train the corresponding neural networks to recognize and classify images by phenotype. The result? Large image sets from compound library screens are quickly and efficiently processed.

But what if quality issues arise in the production assay? Or, the assay contains novel phenotypes that went unrecognized by the network? Newly released, Genedata Imagence 3.0 addresses such concerns by measuring uncertainties.

In our February 10th webinar, you'll learn how the new Imagence uncertainty measure:

  • facilitates identification of new biological phenotypes
  • extends the quality control of HCS image analysis
  • allows to reuse and refine existing deep learning models by new or altered phenotypes​​​​

Our live demonstration of Imagence 3.0 will also give you a first-hand look at other new features in the software solution that enables assay biologists to easily get unbiased, high-quality results.

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