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Case Study: Immuno-oncology

Genedata Profiler™ enables translational and clinical researchers to overcome major clinical trial challenges. In a recent immuno-oncology (I-O) clinical trial, scientists used Genedata Profiler to analyze data from 45 patients and identify predictive biomarkers by integrating genomic, transcriptomic, and metabolomic data, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) tumor profiles. The biomarkers enable further definition of tumor subtypes and thus identification and selection of patient profiles that will benefit from the I-O therapy, consequently improving the outcome of the treatment.

Request Mass Spectrometry, Microarray, NGS, Omics, Statistical Analysis
Biosafety Assessment and Genedata Selector

This application note describes how Genedata Selector can be used to efficiently and reliably analyze and
manage next generation sequencing (NGS) data for the detection of microbial contaminants throughout the biological production process. Genedata Selector, enables:

  • Bench scientists to easily perform NGS based adventitious agent detection in an automated and reproducible way, without the need for expert bioinformatics support
  • Management of NGS data and analysis results in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant platform
Request NGS, Cell Line Development, Cell Line Engineering, Statistical Analysis
Metagenomics and Genedata Selector: Deciphering the Unknown

This application note describes how Genedata Selector can be used to optimize microbiome investigations. With Genedata Selector, it is possible to:

  • Perform NGS based metagenomics and transcriptomics analysis to enable taxonomic and functional profiling
  • Establish a centralized knowledge base of raw and metadata, metabolic pathways, and bio-marker panels
  • Support bio-monitoring and bio-orientation for process optimization and product development
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Precise Genome Editing with Genedata Selector

This application note describes how Genedata Selector can be used to improve efficiency and optimize
performance of genome editing techniques like CRISPR/Cas9.
With Genedata Selector, it is possible to:

  • Identify potential CRISPR target genes or pathways from either public or proprietary genomes
  • Predict gRNAs across the genome within a single secure software platform
  • Easily visualize unique gRNAs based on genomic location
  • Integrate genomic and phenotypic data for efficient validation of genome editing experiments
Request NGS, Cell Line Engineering, Strain Development
HCS Analysis Workflow at Amgen

This application note is a summary of a webinar given by Amgen, describing how Genedata Screener supports the Amgen high content screening (HCS) workflow, including image display, feature selection, and some of the improvements in the new version of Screener.

Request HCS
Imaging in Drug Discovery - Are We Realizing Its Full Potential?

In this white paper, we review the use of imaging in drug discovery, investigate current and future challenges and outline an infrastructure for image-based workflows to overcome those challenges and allow organizations to realize the full potential of imaging technology.

Request Imaging
Using Additional Metrics in Ion Channel Screening Analysis to Better Understand Underlying Mechanisms

This application note describes how Genedata Screener for Ion Channel Screening was used to introduce an additional informative parameter (the time constant tau) for high-throughput analysis of ion channel modulation from automatic patch clamping (APC) experiments.

A collaboration with Pfizer Neuroscience and Pain Research Unit (Cambridge, UK).

Request Ion Channel Screening
Reducing Analysis Times for Large-Scale ThermoFluor Assays - A Collaboration With Bayer Pharma AG

This work outlines a universal solution for the analysis of ThermoFluor experiments, using Genedata Screener software. The analysis workflow before this integration consisted of conventional hit selection or an individual review of each melting curve. With the introduction of Screener, the total analysis time was decreased from three days to three hours, and the number of false positives was improved.

Request Thermal Shift Assays
Combination Colloquium Digest: Current Practices and Open Issues in Combination Screening

Compound Combination Screening is rapidly gaining ground as a new lead-finding technique for oncology, infectious diseases, and drug repurposing. At the Genedata SLAS2015 Combination Screening Colloquium, some of the industry's most experienced Combination screening scientists discussed combination screening analysis challenges and methods to meet these challenges. The following short report represents a digest of the colloquium and covers the main discussion topics.

Request Hit & Lead Identification, Compound Combinations
Automating Analysis of Mass Spectrometry Data to Quantify PTMs with Genedata Expressionist

Data analysis of mass spectrometry data can be automated and standardized to maximize productivity and drive quick, reproducible decisions. Analytical scientists at Janssen R&D’s established a streamlined protocol for the efficient analysis of biotherapeutics.

Request Mass Spectrometry, Biologics
Setting Up an HCS Data Analysis System

This case study describes the typical HCS infrastructures and goals, concept, and results for setting up an integrated HCA platform using Genedata Screener® for High Content Screening.

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