Data Analysis

Since 1997, Genedata has delivered data, technology, and business-process analysis projects to pharmaceutical organizations, biotech companies and academic networks worldwide. Genedata supports experimental design, statistical analysis or interpretation of molecular profiling studies, new technology adaptations, instrument calibration, and normalization methods. Recognized as a trusted and reliable partner, Genedata helps investigate compound screening processes, pinpoint potential bottlenecks and clear potential quality problems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Compound mode-of-action studies

  • Large-scale genotyping studies

  • Pharmacogenomics

  • High content screening analysis

  • Promoter analysis and regulatory network reconstruction

  • Metabolic profiling and fluxomics studies

Recently Completed Projects

  • Biomarker identification and tissue classification using the latest supervisory algorithms for an oncology study (Top 50 Pharma)

  • Cross-omics analysis involving transcriptomics (Affymetrix), proteomics (2D-DIGE, SELDI) and metabolomics (LC-MS, NMR) data for safely profiling of candidate compounds (Top 50 Pharma)

  • Analysis involving raw infusion LC-MS metabolomics data for safety profiling of a candidate compound (Top 10 Pharma)