Deployment Flexibility for Genedata Solutions

Genedata enterprise solutions support a variety of deployment models (such as on-premises or in the cloud) to suit an organization's particular needs.

With two decades of experience in providing highly scalable enterprise solutions that streamline and automate complex and data-rich R&D workflows, the Genedata team collaborates with customers to find the most appropriate deployment model to achieve their business and scientific goals.


Deployment Options for Genedata Solutions

We currently offer deployments on the following infrastructure types:

Genedata solutions can be run on-premises in variety of ways. These can include client-owned servers and high-performance computing (HPC) environments. On-premises deployment may help address more stringent regulatory compliance and security needs required by certain jurisdictions and also may be advantageous where network bandwidth is a concern.

Genedata is highly experienced with on-premises deployments and offers advice and assistance for deployment from bare-metal to a fully qualified installation, as required.

Offering levels of performance, security and regulatory compliance that are comparable to installations on-premises but with the ability to take advantage of the elastic scalability of cloud resources, deploying Genedata solutions to a virtual private cloud has become the standard deployment model for many organizations. The distributed nature of the cloud provides advantages for collaboration and sharing of data across geographically distributed R&D sites.

Genedata solutions are easily deployed in virtual private cloud infrastructures. In addition, Genedata works with major cloud providers to offer selected Genedata solutions on virtual private clouds, managed by Genedata, for organizations that lack IT resources.

An increasingly popular deployment alternative, hybrid clouds offer a “best of both worlds” combination of virtual private cloud and more traditional on-premises infrastructure.  For Genedata solutions, hybrid cloud deployments provide the flexibility to scale to the cloud when local resources experience heavy demand, use existing but perhaps underutilized on-premises HPC, or need to handle data and processing according to the requirements of geographical jurisdictions.

Genedata also offers full-service hosting of Genedata solutions as an alternative deployment model. Hosting provides a single-tenant, fully managed, secure solution for your organization.