Professional Services

The service portfolio Genedata offers is as diverse as the needs of our customers. All of our services are provided by skilled individuals with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience. The combination of this expertise and the knowledge gained from hundreds of service projects is at the core of our business. We are scientists with domain expertise and business-specific insight, so we can rapidly assess your needs, develop best practices, and implement the data-driven processes necessary to achieve superior results. 

Cloud and Hosting

Management and server hosting provided at the Genedata Computing Center. Services include data backups, disaster recovery procedures, storage optimization and database tuning, and secure network configuration.

Validation Services

Software validation ensuring data integrity is an intrinsic and central need when developing products in regulated environments. Genedata has a unique expertise in supporting the pharmaceutical industry in the set-up and validation of IT-solutions in a GxP environment.

Data Analysis

Data analysis projects covering a broad range of scientific areas, including molecular profiling, high content screening, and genome analysis.

Business and Scientific Consulting

Genedata works on key processes in research, development, and manufacturing, sharing insights on how to implement and optimize data workflows. Our scientific consultants provide organizations with industry-leading support to achieve success.


Genedata accommodates a variety of learning styles with training available in standard courses, tailored tutorials, on-site training, e-learning, and lunch-and-learn sessions.

Custom Software Development

Development and implementation of advanced software applications and databases can be extensions of Genedata products or entirely novel software solutions.