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Innovative Platform for
NGS Analysis & Data Management

A modular and scalable enterprise solution for NGS data visualization, processing, analysis, and tracking.

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Genedata Selector Modules

Genedata Selector® comes with core database functionality that can be flexibly deployed with the following modules: Explorer for genome management; Processor for NGS data processing; Analyst for in-depth statistical analysis; and Tracker for sample and meta-information tracking.

Genedata Selector Core Functionality

Every Genedata Selector installation comes with a database for managing content and securing sensitive intellectual property. Advanced bioinformatics workflows that integrate complex data and features, such as shareable interactive views and reports, enhance efficient collaboration within project teams via a web browser and user-friendly interface:

  • Project Centric Design allows for optimized data organization
  • Playbooks automate workflows (step-by-step wizards)
  • Advanced Search to quickly find genes, proteins, or transcripts
  • Notifications alert users of newly shared interactive visualizations and reports
  • Full Traceability of data history and results

The solution further enhances efficiency in global interdisciplinary teams by enabling scientists to analyze their experimental data, freeing bioinformaticians from routine work, and giving managers a real-time overview of the project status.


Manage and analyze complex genomic sequences, annotations, and related information with the Explorer module.

Organize Complex Genome Information

Manage public and proprietary genome data. Discover genotype-phenotype relationships across genomes, starting with harmonization of genomic data and refinement of gene model annotation towards full functional reconstruction.

Provide Easier Access to Genome Information

Browse through genome sequences and zoom in on the gene of interest to investigate variants on nucleotide and protein levels. Flag and annotate findings and share them with your colleagues with just one click.

Project Cross-Omics Data onto Pathways

With a flexible pathway analysis tool, you can analyze organism-specific metabolic and signaling pathways and the time course of transcriptomic, metabolomic, and proteomic data.


The Processor module enables rapid processing and analysis of raw NGS data, independent of the sequencing technology or instrument used.

Automate and Standardize Your NGS Workflows

Automate NGS workflows for standardized processing from raw NGS data to analysis and report generation with the Processor workflow editing interface.

Powerful Bioinformatics Capabilities

Customize workflows for different analyses including RNAseq, DNAseq, TLA, and metagenomics, or configure workflows to fit your processes. Processor provides a comprehensive set of up-to-date bioinformatics tools and integrates newly published tools via APIs.

QC & Visualization

Processor provides comprehensive quality control for raw data quality, built-in business logic, and sanity checks for workflows and workflow activity combined with interactive visualizations of QC and results.


The Analyst module enables sophisticated statistical analysis and interactive visualization of complex data such as genotype, phenotype, and omics data.

Flexible Statistical Analysis Toolbox

Analyst provides a secure and scalable data mining solution that can be easily integrated into existing research IT environments with a rich set of APIs. For example, it supports the integration of R scripts.

Cross-Omics Application Support

Advanced interactive data mapping, analysis, mining, and visualizations are complemented by statistical applications including t-Test, ANOVA, linear models, Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Partial Least Square analysis (PLS), and many more.

Interactive Visualization Tools
for Analysis and Interpretation

The solution puts interactive visualizations for interpretation and broad support for integrating data from Tracker, Processor, Explorer, and other file formats into the hands of researchers and biostatisticians.


The Tracker module enables managing and tracking of sample meta-information through an analysis pipeline.

Configurable Sample Registration
and Efficient Data Entry

Simple user interfaces to enter sample information can be configured to map how users enter sample information, step by step, into the system.

Intuitive Visualization and Filter Tools

Filter, search, and display sample information in lists and visualize sample data and meta-information with intuitive graphs. Store and share results within the project team.

Auditing and Reporting Capabilities

Comprehensive sample history tracking and audit reports allow sample data transparency and system transaction logs documented for 21 CFR part 11 compliance to support regulated environments.


Wizard-based Playbooks are essential in guiding users through data registration and processing steps. Playbooks, built by system administrators, are tailored to user needs and can combine sample tracking with data integration, automated data processing, and report generation.

Genedata Selector offers Playbook templates such as:

Biosafety Assessment Playbooks

• Targeted Virus Detection
• Untargeted Virus Detection
• Mycoplasma Detection

Cell Line Development Playbooks

• Bioprocess Development
• TLA-Based Clone Selection
• Cell Line Confirmation

Microbiome Analysis Playbooks

• 16S RNA Analysis
• Meta-Transcriptome
• WGS Metagenomics

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