Genedata Selector

Selected Customer References

Many leading companies within the biopharmaceutical and industrial biotech industries have chosen Genedata Selector as their premiere software platform to optimize their R&D and production processes.  Below are samplings of what these companies have to say about Genedata Selector.


“Evonik is using the Genedata fully integrated offering that includes Genedata Selector™ for the management and analysis of strain information, scientific data analysis consulting provided by Genedata bioinformatics experts, and specialized IT services.”

Dr. Ralf Kelle
Vice President of R&D Bioproducts for Evonik Health and Nutrition 

“Genedata – with its domain expertise in data analysis and management – helps us get maximum value from our data. More importantly, our relationship with Genedata allows us to benefit from their innovative solutions, which contribute to the success of our resource-efficient and sustainable biotechnology research.”

Boehringer Ingelheim

“Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, has chosen Genedata Selector™ as its global computational platform for conducting innovative research in genomics-based cell line development and cell culture optimization.”

Dr. Harald Bradl
Director, Cell Culture and Process Sciences

“To optimally handle the complex data, we need a centralized genome knowledge management and analysis solution that addresses the interdisciplinary challenges in next-generation biotechnology innovations. Genedata Selector was our obvious choice.”

AB Enzymes

“AB Enzymes will use Genedata Selector™ as its bioinformatics platform for strain genome data management on all its production-relevant organisms. Genedata will provide AB Enzymes, one of the world’s oldest and best-known enzyme manufacturers, with a hosted solution of Genedata Selector accompanied by bioinformatics consulting services.”

Dr. Jari Vehmaanperä
Global R&D Director

“We looked for a bioinformatics solution that enables us to extract as much information as possible from all available data. In particular, we wanted a solution to help us better understand underlying genotype-phenotype relationships - Genedata Selector was the clear choice.”