Genedata Selector

for Comparative Microbiome Analysis

Microbes are essential for every aspect of life on earth, and metagenomics, the genomic analysis of microbial communities, is a rapidly growing field of study for many different applications and industries from health care to industrial biotechnology. The development of new products as well as optimizing production and fermentation processes requires a detailed molecular understanding of microbial community dynamics. As NGS and metabolite profiling technology improves, the need for reliable and efficient data analysis will increase. This is where Genedata Selector can help.

Going beyond 16S RNA based taxonomic screening, Genedata Selector allows scientists to perform comparative studies of microbiome dynamics and functions depending on experimental design like varying time points, treatments, or fermentation conditions. Proprietary data sets from NGS-derived metagenomes and transcriptomes are integrated in Genedata Selector and analyzed against the most up-to-date publicly available genomes.

This combined with functional annotation enables the discovery of novel target microbes, genes, proteins, and pathways which can result in new IP. Genedata Selector provides a transparent and reproducible analysis pipeline to obtain information on both functional characteristics and taxonomical composition of microbial communities over time, treatments, or conditions.

Key Features of Genedata Selector for Microbiome Analysis

  • Applicable to all industry and research relevant organisms including their host microbiome systems
  • Supports all NGS technologies used with metagenomics including 16S Amplicon-Seq, DNA and RNAseq projects
  • Standardized quality control through automated workflows results in less hands on time with data manipulations and faster and more reproducible results
  • A proprietary pipeline enables complete functional annotation from gene prediction to pathway assignment
  • Leverages public domain information to maximize the understanding of the microbiome of interest
  • Data mining for new pathways and enzymes important for the bioprocess of interest can be identified resulting in new IP

Genedata Selector provides a broad range of validated tools alongside a suite of scientific consulting and professional services, allowing you to tackle any metagenomics challenge.