Genedata Selector

for Industrial Biotech

Industrial Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry focused on developing biologically based production methods to replace energy- and resource-consumptive processes. The engineering of microbial strains to efficiently produce commercially useful compounds is a key objective within the Industrial Biotech community. To optimize the production capability of such workhorse microbes, researchers have to collect genotype data and phenotypic characterizations for a large number of strains. Managing and exploiting this information is a challenge. Genedata SelectorTM for Industrial Biotech enables researchers to manage and analyze all of this data to optimize strains.

Genedata Selector for Industrial Biotech is an enterprise-level, biological data management and analysis solution that supports fermentative production processes of feed additives, fine chemicals, biofuels, and personal care products.

A Solution for Scientists and Bioinformaticians

Find out how Genedata Selector can help you to tackle key data analysis and management challenges to make the most informed decisions.

Strain Management & Analysis
  • Supports research processes in Industrial Biotech with biological data management and analysis with a focus on NGS, microarrays, mass-spectrometry based proteomics and metabolomics
  • Annotation, mutation and phenotypic data are stored along with strain information.
  • Easy management, visualization, and analysis of complete genomes of production strain collections.
  • Seamless integration of tools to investigate and track the current patent landscape, critical for product management decision support 

Efficient Comparative Analysis of Genomes and Meta-genomes
  • Easy identification of new potential genes and enzymes through in-depth and interactive analysis of proprietary and public genomes
  • Identification of novel metabolic engineering targets with large-scale, cross-strain comparisons
  • Compares large number of strain genomes resulting from random mutagenesis campaigns and directed engineering strategies

Automated Detection, Classification and Interpretation of Mutations and Pathway Optimization
  • Automatic identification and evaluation of mutations conferring production-relevant phenotypes
  • Systematic analysis and annotation of microbial strains including automatic identification and categorization of point mutations in their genetic and biological context
  • Predict the mutations’ influence on gene products (e.g. modifying an enzyme’s active site) or on gene regulation (e.g. altering a transcription factor’s DNA binding site)
  • Integrated pathway analysis for the identification of complex genetic effects positively influencing production phenotypes
  • Seamless integration of genomic data with transcriptomics and metabolomics data enabling a significant improvement of gene functional annotation, while providing insights into molecular pathways

Integrated Genotype-Phenotype Data Management
  • Phenotype-genotype correlation analyses across diverse strain collections and strain genealogies for an efficient selection of the most promising strain lines for production
  • With genome and phenotype data integrated in the Genedata Selector database, mutations in derivative strain genomes can be related to phenotypes via statistical analysis
  • Starting from any level of biological data (genome, gene, etc) you can identify mutations that may contribute to desirable production phenotypes



A Solution for Technology Professionals

Find out how easily you can make information readily accessible to scientists, providing them with the solution needed to make the informed decisions with Genedata Selector.

Scalable, Open, and Robust Data Management Architecture
  • Centralized data management enabling  integration of  public and proprietary genome sequences in one system
  • Open interfaces provide a seamless integration with in-house and third-party systems
  • Enables users from multiple groups and sites to access the system for improved collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Ensures uninterrupted availability and security of intellectual property (IP)

Our software can be hosted, or Installed on-site for management by you, or Genedata.

Our solution portfolio consists of software, scientific consulting, and professional services. Genedata scientific consulting addresses the complete life cycle of R&D projects – from early-stage feasibility studies through late-stage product development – delivering a full portfolio of analysis and bioinformatics services. Our broad spectrum of professional services ranges from custom software development, strategic co-development projects, and data loading/integration to hosting and IT services.