Genedata Selector

for Food and Beverage

Today’s multinational food and beverage companies with global production sites accumulate a large number of phenotypically distinct strains and associated genealogies. The diversity and vast amount of molecular data generated by new technologies (e.g. next-generation sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics) offers innovative ways for food and beverage companies to understand strain and crop biodiversity. However, the handling of these molecular data imposes scientific and technical challenges to the scientists, bio-informaticians and IT professionals. Addressing these key challenges requires an intelligent data management solution; Genedata Selector™ for Food and Beverage is the scalable, integrated, centralized, and secure solution you need to handle today's and tomorrow's informatics challenges.
The Selector solution integrates and manages genome-related data from yeast, microbes, and plants. It is designed for food and beverage companies that work on strain development, breeding, or process monitoring tools.

See how our customers are using Genedata Selector for to make their R&D processes more efficient and cost-effective, leveraging their research investment across the organization to generate and optimize their products.

A Solution for Scientists and Bioinformaticians

Find out how Genedata Selector can help you to tackle key data analysis and management challenges enabling you to focus on scientific reasoning and make the most informed decisions.

Gene Model Refinement towards Optimized Ingredients
  • Innovative algorithms blend RNAseq data with traditional gene prediction approaches to validate and significantly improve the quality of gene models
  • Automatic pre-processing of raw data based on user-designed workflows
  • Quantification of NGS, microarray, real time-PCR, and other genomic technologies can be easily managed, visualized and analyzed
  • Automatic annotation of selected regions of interest using established search mechanisms to identify and validate proteins and metabolites
  • With a set of novel protein candidates in-hand, genes of interest can be further investigated by identifying functional domains, making comparisons within gene families and across species, and exploring pathway involvement

Linking Strain Genealogies to Phenotyes
  • Intuitive sequence visualizations, feature-rich genome browser and sequence analysis programs (incl. BLAST) enable users to efficiently compare different genomes, within gene families and across species
  • Cross-organism pathway analyses enable users to quickly identify the most suitable strain for experimentation, test functional hypotheses, and perform strain optimization studies
  • Provides integrated patent analyses and links them to signaling pathways

Integrated Analyses for Reliable Diagnostics Tests
  • Analysis of microbial purity and stability and creation of quality management tests
  • Integrated sequence alignment and export functionalities sreamlines the analysis workflow (e.g. for probe design)



A Solution for Technology Professionals

Find out how easily data management challenges can be solved with Genedata Selector making knowledge always accessible to scientists to make the most informed decisions.

Open, Scalable and Robust Data Management Architecture
  • Centralized data management enabling  integration of  public and proprietary genome sequences in one system
  • Open interfaces provide a seamless integration with in-house and third-party systems
  • Enables users from multiple groups and sites to access the system for improved collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Ensures uninterrupted availability and security of intellectual property (IP)

Our software can be hosted, or Installed on-site for management by you, or Genedata.

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