Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Technical Consulting Services

Genedata offers tailored professional services.  Depending on your needs, Genedata can support you with:

  • IT services such as hosting and remote server maintenance
  • Custom development of advanced software applications and databases either as extensions of Genedata products or as entirely novel software solutions
  • Data integration services
  • Training and workshops designed for end users and administrators

This allows researchers to focus on scientific discovery and IP generation, and organizations to quickly become operational.

Scientific Consulting Services

Genedata offers a broad portfolio of scientific consulting and bioinformatics services addressing the complete life cycle of R&D projects.  Our scientific consulting team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive domain knowledge, bringing specialized know-how and experience to your organization. Depending on your needs, Genedata can support you with:

  • Processing, integration, and analysis of NGS or omics data
  • Setup of customized bioinformatics pipelines/work-flows, e.g. for NGS-based clone selection, genome annotation, and pathway analysis
  • Gene and genome editing experiments (e.g. gRNA prediction)
  • Statistical analysis of studies and biological data interpretation

Rely on a partner with 20 years of experience delivering scientific software and consulting solutions for pharma, industrial, agricultural biotech, and consumer product companies.