Genedata Selector

for NGS-based Biosafety

NGS-based biosafety is the process of using next-generation sequencing to ensure that all biopharmaceutical products and vaccines are safe, accurate, and free of contaminants.  

This includes:

Genedata Selector for NGS-based biosafety is an enterprise software platform that enables the implementation of an in-house biosafety solution including:

Genedata Selector supports an in-house solution that is:

  • Secure: all proprietary cell lines, samples and data remain in-house
  • Controlled: access to the software can be restricted and timestamped transactions support
    21 CFR part 11 compliance and integration in a cGMP environment
  • Comprehensive: an in-house solution provides you access to raw data as well as results
  • Timely: with an in-house solution, the time from sample to results is days instead of weeks

Genedata Selector has extensive experience in supporting customers using NGS for biosafety assessment. We provide a broad range of validated software tools combined with scientific consulting and professional services.

Rely on a partner with 20 years of experience servicing the biopharma industry to give you confidence in your decision to release your production lots to consumers.