Genedata Screener

for Ion Channel Screening

While advances in automated electrophysiology instrument technology have led to a dramatic increase in throughput, they have also resulted in new data analysis bottlenecks. Genedata Screener® for Ion Channel Screening addresses these bottlenecks by simultaneously analyzing any number of probes across multiple plates in a single session. Supporting the latest electrophysiology instrumentation, Screener for Ion Channel Screening provides a scalable and automated data analysis framework, which reduces total data handling and analysis time by upwards to 95% with experiment analyses completed in less than 1 hour.

Screener for Ion Channel Screening can be a dedicated, stand-alone solution fully aligned with your existing screening infrastructure, or added to an existing Genedata Screener installation.

Ion Channel Instrumentation Support

Genedata Screener integrates with widely-used high-throughput electrophysiology instrumentation to create single-point access to all ion channel data. Genedata customers import data from the following instruments:

  • SyncroPatch 384PE, Nanion® (Ready-to-Run integration)
  • IonWorks® Quattro™, Molecular Devices
  • IonWorks Barracuda®, Molecular Devices
  • IonFlux™, Fluxion

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Beyond Software

“Screener helps us to access unexplored biology that can’t be examined any other way.”

Dr. Christian Hassig, Director of Drug Discovery at the Conrad Prebys Center.

Genedata Screener for Ion Channel Screening provides:

  • Reduced analysis times by up to 95%
  •  Display of up to 1 million measurements per well with full interactivity
  • Simple creation and combination of different aggregation rules
  • Parallel analysis of different analysis methods, with direct results comparison
  • Integrated analysis tools specifically developed for ion channel experiments

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