Genedata Screener

for HT-Flow

Flow cytometry, a technology used for many decades, has recently seen automation improvements that have drastically increased throughput. Today, high-throughput flow cytometry (HT-Flow) campaigns characterize thousands of samples by measuring the physical and biochemical state of thousands of cells per sample detected by multiple parameters. Genedata Screener® now supports such set-ups, allowing analysis of complete campaigns in one session, with interactive QC on cell- and well-level data.

With Screener for HT-Flow, analysis workflows can be standardized and automated. Screener provides summary results on wells, compounds and plates for a complete campaign in one go, with better comparability between experiments and options for interactive review and analysis optimization from single cells to compound results. Data from any HT-Flow instrument can be read and compensated. Gating, aggregation, and result calculation are all taking place within Screener. Results at any stage of the workflow can be immediately accessed, and interactive changes in processing settings are instantly reflected in visualizations and result tables.

Selection of Supported Instruments

Genedata Screener easily integrates with leading HT-Flow platforms to create single-point access to all data. Out of the box, Genedata customers can analyze data written in FCS3.1 standard format. Current customers use the following instruments (and support for other instruments is easily added):

  • IntelliCyt® iQue® Screener (Genedata Ready-to-Run)
  • IntelliCyt iQue Screener HD (Genedata Ready-to-Run)
  • IntelliCyt iQue Screener PLUS (Genedata Ready-to-Run)

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