Genedata Screener

for Combination Screening

Genedata Screener® for Combination Screening is designed for fast and efficient analysis of compound combination experiments. Dedicated calculation methods together with visualization methods such as heat maps and isobolograms enable assessment of combination effects, and the inherent automation, standardization, and flexibility of Genedata Screener provide excellent performance and streamlined workflows. Interactive calculation and visualization configuration combined with robust fitting produce better results in shorter time.

Genedata Screener is the only software platform that supports scalable analysis of compound combination experiments.

Beyond Software

"With Genedata, we are able to extract the highest value possible from our compound combination experiments."

Dr. Eric Tang, associate principle scientist at AstraZeneca.

Genedata Screener for Combination Screening provides:

  • Complete processing workflow for compound combination experiments
  • Analysis defined once for thousands of combinations
  • Specific calculation models such as Loewe, Bliss, and HSA
  • Visualization such as isobolograms, heatmaps, and combination matrices
  • Interactive adjustment and optimization process
  • Easy addition of new methods and algorithms

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At SLAS2015, the Head of Marketing & Professional Services at Genedata Screener, Oliver Leven, was interviewed by LabTube on the topic of combination screening and the combinations colloquium Genedata organized in conjunction with the conference.
Watch the interview: