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Learn how global biopharma and research companies leverage Genedata Profiler® to realize their vision of precision medicine.

Meet Our Customers

Developed in collaboration with leading biopharma organizations, Genedata Profiler is the software of choice for effective omics-based clinical and translational research, optimizing quality and efficiency, and accelerating time to market.


MacroGenics Adopts Genedata Profiler to Enhance Development of Immunotherapies

The deployment of Genedata Profiler strengthens MacroGenics’ capabilities to derive novel hypotheses from integrated datasets, from both proprietary and public sources, aiding the interpretation of biomarker data and the design of clinical trials, with a comprehensive solution that addresses various challenges while providing additional opportunities.

“This partnership provides us with innovative approaches to drive the integration of biomarker data within and across our clinical programs including the digitalizing of translational workflows associated with clinical studies.” -  Paul Moore, Ph.D., Vice-President of Immunology and Cell Biology at MacroGenics.

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Genedata and Genmab Reach New Milestone in Digitalizing Translational and Clinical Research

Working in close collaboration with Genmab, Genedata released a new version of Genedata Profiler which features a highly intuitive Data Portal. This enables researchers and clinical scientists to find, access, and integrate the most relevant data for their specific application in a secure, high-performance, validation-ready environment.

"The Genedata Profiler platform is used productively in a validated environment and is helping to democratize access to integrated data in the translational research and clinical settings." - Hisham Hamadeh, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Head of Data Sciences, at Genmab.

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Merck and Genedata Profiler Co-Develop A Digital Platform For Translational and Clinical Biomarker Research

A winning collaboration that delivers a fully validated, a state of the art cloud-based enterprise solution for integration, management, and analysis of clinical, biomarker, NGS, and digital pathology data from public and clinical studies—all enabling AI-driven development of next-generation therapeutics.

"Working closely with Genedata, we have generated a digital biomarker research platform that will enable our scientists to better utilize clinical and translational data to generate innovative ideas for new biomarkers and drug targets"  - Joern Peter Halle, Head of Immuno-oncology and External Innovation at Merck.

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Chugai Pharmaceutical Implements Genedata Profiler to Accelerate Its Data-Driven Biomarker Discovery

Chugai selected Genedata Profiler as one of the cornerstones of their biomarker strategy to support the efficient identification and validation of innovative, next-generation biomarkers. Genedata Profiler will support Chugai to achieve early proof of concept to bring innovative drugs to patients faster.

"We chose Genedata Profiler because it is the end-to-end enterprise software able to harmonize dispersed data analysis pipelines, enhancing our capacity to analyze large amounts of high-dimensional ‘omics data emerging from our rapidly growing number of translational and clinical research projects" - Kimio Terao, Department Manager of Clinical Pharmacology at Chugai.

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Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and Genedata Profiler Collaborate to Improve Patient Care in Crohn’s Disease

A truly fruitful Data Science Services project. Our team of expert bioinformaticians leveraged the analysis of the foundation’s large collection of multi-omics and clinical data to deliver actionable results that could be used to develop a diagnostic product for the benefit of patients living with Crohn’s disease.

"We are pleased to have found a reliable partner who provided us with expert knowledge in big multi-omics data analysis to accelerate our search for precision biomarkers to prognosticate disease course and to guide early and effective personalized treatment decisions" - Andrés Hurtado-Lorenzo, Ph.D., Senior Director of Translational Research at the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.

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Genedata Profiler Aids Merus N.V. in Development of Effective Precision Immunotherapies

Genedata Profiler, as managed SaaS for translational and clinical research, permits Merus’ scientists to leverage all the data and knowledge from past, current and future preclinical experiments and clinical trials, facilitating efficient translational and reverse translational research.

"As we expect our clinical and pre-clinical programs and pipeline to continue to grow, we look forward to utilizing Genedata Profiler and Genedata Managed IT Services to assist us in our mission to develop safe, targeted, effective therapeutics for cancer patients" - John de Kruif, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Merus.

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Genmab Adopted the Genedata Biopharma Platform to Streamline Biotherapeutics R&D Operations

Genmab and Genedata are collaborating to increase the speed and efficiency of discovery and development of Genmab’s next-generation cancer therapies, supporting their global oncology programs in order to digitalize biopharma R&D workflows with the Genedata Biopharma Platform.

"To support our vision of transforming cancer treatment, we are excited to implement the Genedata Biopharma Platform as a central integrated data backbone to streamline the capture, integration, democratization, and analysis of increasingly complex and diverse data types across Genmab’s discovery and clinical workflows" - Hisham Hamadeh, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Head of Data Sciences, at Genmab.

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