Genedata Imagence

Improve Imaging Workflows

Genedata Imagence™ software improves image-based research by providing:

  • Simplified user interactions

  • Stronger integration of workflow steps from image acquisition to result interpretation

  • Global access to images within the specific research context; respecting corporate wide authorization

A scalable enterprise solution, Imagence provides easy maintenance of large data volumes from different sources. The software reduces overall costs, improves standardization, and increases quality and manageability of image-based research. Scientists can work in an end-to-end imaging environment that is secure, collaborative, and easy to use.

Simplified User Interactions
Reduce complexity by automatizing technical tasks

The Imagence software solution simplifies user interaction by reducing the complexity of your imaging workflows to three steps: Image Upload, Image Analysis, and Image Viewing at result interpretation time. All technical tasks such as storage, registering and linking images to their metadata, thumbnail creation, etc. are moved to the background of Imagence. Higher-level maintenance tasks such as archiving, search, documentation/chain of custody, partner access, and user administration are also automatically managed in the software, allowing researchers to focus on their science instead of technical aspects.

End-to-end workflow integration
Specific design for different image-based research workflows

Imagence focuses on the concrete image-based research workflows, from image acquisition to result interpretation. The software flexibly handles a variety of image formats in a technology agnostic and scalable way and aims to provide an end-to-end backbone for imaging workflows around:

  • High Content Screening
  • Translational Sciences
  • Large-molecule research
  • Animal Studies
  • General microscopy
  • Import of images from partner research and outsourcing

Do you have a specific workflow that could be improved and accelerated? Send us an email to discuss how we can help.

In addition to improving your different workflows, Genedata Imagence can help you harmonize the software infrastructure for your image-based research. The solution can reduce the complexity of image-based research, which is often caused by a multiplicity of point solutions, e.g. for image analysis. Automatic handling of images with their respective results in all workflow steps prevents loss of data, maintains the scientific context, and facilitates the overall understanding. Managed links between the image and its results and meta data ensure the chain of custody and image integrity and may help support regulatory guidelines.

Efficient and secure global image access...
…while assuring secure authentication and authorization

Imagence provides efficient global access to images from image-based research, alongside the scientific results, with secure and appropriate access control. Image-based results generated by external partners can easily be collected and images and results generated in-house can be shared externally. Central global image search capabilities, e.g. by project or treatment, in combination with appropriate viewers in context of the respective technologies allows quick and efficient review, regardless of context.

Harmonizing the software infrastructure across the organization reduces costs by a considerable factor. Central infrastructure for storage and logistics is shared, and by central administration and automation of storage, archiving, and user administration, as well as downstream-integration with decision-making systems and data warehouses, important synergies are created.