Genedata Imagence

Consulting for Image-Based Research

Genedata Imagence™ Consulting provides IT and scientific consulting, infrastructure assessment, and image analysis, helping you overcome your imaging challenges. These challenges can range from analyzing the images from a single experiment to making sure that every imaging result is correctly and safely reported to the appropriate storage. Our goal is to make sure your imaging technology investments are fully returned, through workflow streamlining and simplification, enhanced and secure access to data and results throughout your organization, and improved knowledge during your decision-making processes.

For nearly 20 years, Genedata software platforms have been the choice of top pharma, biotech and research institutes. We specialize in providing enterprise-scale solutions for complex R&D data challenges with proven software and expert consulting.

Genedata solutions are commonly deployed at pharma companies to manage the large data volumes of the drug discovery workflow. We know that many organizations continue to struggle to effectively integrate imaging into that discovery workflow, such as providing project management with full access to images and data that scientists have procured, and are dedicated to improve processes and data management. The Genedata Imagence team has considerable experience in providing solutions for enterprise-scale image-based workflows, notably for high content screening (HCS).

IT consulting for imaging workflows
Infrastructure assessment and maturity analysis

To help organizations improve their imaging infrastructure at any level, from solving an isolated problem with image management in HCS to large-scale research workflow issues, we have developed a comprehensive assessment package that provides:

  • A review of your current and future use of imaging
  • Detailed assessment of your current and planned imaging workflows
  • An in-depth technical assessment of your current IT infrastructure
  • A detailed set of recommendations for a next generation imaging infrastructure

Simply put, our assessment will help you quickly determine the infrastructure you need in order to maximize the value of imaging in your discovery decision-making process, and provide a clear path to its implementation.

Our in-depth review includes identifying any workflow bottlenecks affecting your business today, taking a close look at possible drivers for change, identifying quick-win opportunities, while considering closely your overall IT landscape.

By providing an independent external viewpoint, we can help you pinpoint the best path to your next generation imaging infrastructure. To discuss an IT Consulting and Infrastructure Assessment of your organization, contact us at

Scientific consulting
Scientific review, image analysis, and scale-up

Complement your core scientific team capabilities with the analysis expertise of Genedata’s scientists

    • Set up or improve the image analysis for a specific project
    • Reduce time for result generation, complement for missing resources
    • Harmonize Image Analysis and applications for heterogeneous environments
    • Develop an image life cycle strategy matching the needs and infrastructure of your organization

      We can help you:

      • Optimize your image and data analysis procedures with regard to efficiency and performance
      • Find new approaches to answer your image-based biological questions
      • Scale up your image analysis processes by bringing them into the cloud