Genedata Imagence

Overcoming Challenges in Image-Based Research

Genedata Imagence™ helps scientists across a number of research fields to fully utilize the images created throughout their workflows. The backbone is secure, scalable, and collaborative software, and consulting services that help you thoroughly investigate what can be done to improve your imaging workflow.

  • Imagence Software helps reduce cost and improve standardization, quality, and manageability of image-based research

  • Imagence Consulting helps maximize the value of imaging investments by improving the foundation of the research process decision making


Image-based research in the future
A challenge for pharma: Creating a next generation infrastructure

The past decade has seen the use of imaging in drug discovery explode, with many pharma and biotech companies having made significant investments in the area. In R&D, imaging allows researchers to understand cellular mechanisms, work with model organisms, and study systems-level toxicology and ADME. Medical imaging technology such as PET, CAT, and MRI are also becoming commonplace in clinical trials.

However, many of the images created are never actually used during the decision-making process, for two key reasons:

  • Lack of effective, standardized workflows for the imaging technology itself
  • Lack of integration of the imaging workflows into the discovery workflow

Because the workflows are not standardized or integrated, images are typically only viewed directly during or just after the experiment has been performed. If gaining access to images together with experimental data and results were easier, this information could be used to better support project decisions, rather than only decisions on an experimental level. Better decisions lead not only to better outcomes, but also provide a greater return of investment from the imaging technologies used.

The challenge lies in implementing simpler and more automated imaging workflows, enabling more scientists to perform image-based research and more project managers at every level to access, compare, and understand the results. With a larger user base, technical tasks such as image upload and storage, image conversion and thumbnail creation, image annotation and result registration need to be simplified, enabling a stronger focus on sciences and ultimately increased scientific output.

Genedata proposes a two-part solution to these challenges, Imagence Software for imaging workflow management and Imagence Consulting to investigate and streamline existing workflows. These solutions can, separately or together, create an imaging workflow that makes the most of existing and future technology investments.

Broad imaging support
Genedata Imagence integrates seamlessly with other Genedata products

Broad Imaging Support

Genedata Imagence™ focuses on image-based research workflows and specifically complements other Genedata products with image intelligence.

A wide variety of imaging technologies and modalities used in discovery produce large amounts of images and need

  • Storage and retention policies
  • Management and cataloguing
  • Efficient search and access by global teams

Genedata Imagence integrates with and complements:

  • Genedata Screener for high content screening and automated microscopy
  • Genedata Selector for agro and white biotech research, and for cell line design in pharmaceutical research
  • Genedata Profiler for patient profiling
  • Genedata Expressionist for biopharmaceutical characterization and mass spectrometry imaging
  • Genedata Biologics for biopharmaceutical discovery and development
  • Any third party software, e.g. custom software or general analysis tools like Spotfire™