Genedata Expressionist

for Mass Spectrometry

Over the last few years mass spectrometers have been improving in performance at an astonishing rate, thus opening up exciting new applications areas. Recent improvements in automation and sensitivity are enabling scientists to collect huge quantities of high-quality mass spectrometry data for deep insights into molecular (biological) processes. Although the data generation process is highly automated, for most users, data processing is still manual and time-consuming. Especially the comparison and analysis of high resolution mass spectrometry data files has become a laborious and expensive bottleneck.

Genedata Expressionist® for Mass Spectrometry has been designed with a focus on the needs of challenging applications like characterization of biotherapeutics and biomarker discovery. Customers with especially large data sets, such as those studying plant metabolomics, are thrilled that they can now analyze thousands of samples simultaneously using Expressionist.

Automation & Standardization
The Expressionist workflow system allows you to chain individual data processing steps together to create specific workflows tailored to your application. This automates complex and time consuming work. This pipeline paradigm ensures consistently high quality analysis results. In particular, these workflows can easily be shared across your organization.

Vendor Independence
Labs commonly utilize mass spectrometry instruments from different suppliers, and using a single, powerful software solution for all of these instruments provides a number of benefits. It allows a comparison of data from different instruments. Only one software package needs to be learnt, maintained and validated for all instruments and applications. And labs are no longer restricted in their choice of new hardware, as they will always be able to integrate it into their data processing pipeline.

Imagine Data Processing Could be 10 Times Faster
Genedata Expressionist® for Mass Spectrometry, because of its enterprise-level, client-server architecture, is a software solution offering unparalleled processing power and scalability. Our customers have been reporting significant time reductions; a recent example was from 3 weeks down to a few hours when characterizing biotherapeutics.

In addition to the large speed increases, users praise the intuitive visualizations, and the state-of-the-art algorithms. Together, they enable you to quickly focus on areas of interest, even at very low intensities, to extract biological meaning.


Whatever your application, if you need more flexible, powerful, reproducible, or vendor agnostic mass spectrometry software, Genedata Expressionist should be on your short list.