Genedata Expressionist

Peptide Mapping

Genedata Expressionist® automates peptide mapping, dramatically reducing analysis time. Its scalable architecture and refined algorithms enable analysis of large data sets with fast and accurate sequence confirmation, identification of sequence variants, mapping of disulfide bonds, and quantitation and localization of PTMs and glycosylations.

  • Reliable identification and accurate quantitation of expected and unexpected PTMs
  • User-defined individual constraints in PTM search reduce false positive rates
  • Mapping of known and unknown disulfide bonds
  • Sequence variant analysis, also supported by fragment (MS/MS) information and scoring
  • Comprehensive libraries of glycan structures for complex glycosylation studies
  • Sophisticated data processing, visualization, and statistical tools enable batch comparison
  • Integration of multiple charge states, adducts, and in-source fragments into one single signature
  • Flexible reporting in a variety of formats
  • Interactive customizable workflows