Genedata Expressionist

Intact Protein Mass Analysis

Genedata Expressionist® automates and streamlines the complete intact protein mass analysis process, from raw data to final report. It determines the molecular mass of intact, partially-, and fully-reduced therapeutic proteins and their respective subunits. It enables rapid decision making by reliable and efficient confirmation of amino acid sequences, glycosylations, PTMs, degradation products, noncovalent interactions, and protein aggregations across instruments, labs, and departments.

  • Automated, assisted, or manual intact protein deconvolution
  • Classic 1D deconvolution from (partially) summed retention time ranges
  • Unique 2D time-resolved deconvolution for best identification and quantitation
  • Orthogonal algorithms for optimal deconvolution, reducing the number of false positives
  • Fully automated protein mapping or interactive verification and confutation of annotations
  • Intuitive visualization for objective, unbiased, and untargeted analysis
  • Identification of in-source and in-sample effects
  • Fully automated batch analysis for high-throughput screening
  • Characterization of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and multi-specific antibodies