Genedata Expressionist

Characterization of Biotherapeutics

Genedata Expressionist® is a powerful software solution that revolutionizes the data processing, analysis, management, and reporting of metabolomics, proteomics and biotherapeutics characterization studies based on mass spectrometry.

In particular, Genedata Expressionist accelerates state-of-the-art characterization processes from research to production, from high-throughput plate-based screening to deep characterization studies and quality control of production lots. Offering complete automation across instruments and labs, the software streamlines complex processes such as peptide mapping and intact protein mass, released glycan, and host cell protein analyses. With intuitive visualization, flexible reporting, and data and method management, Genedata Expressionist ensures reproducible high-quality results with significant time and cost savings.

Experience another dimension in characterization of biotherapeutics.