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Product Quality Monitoring

Automate routine analysis. Safeguard product quality. Be GxP-ready. | Genedata Expressionist

Ensuring Data Quality. From the Get-Go.

The monitoring capabilities of Genedata Expressionist® extend beyond overseeing product quality. The platform‘s open and flexible nature enables automated, process-specific system suitability tests (SSTs), which are performed before data is analyzed to ensure instrumentation is performing properly. Monitoring deviations in instrument performance in this way minimizes process downtime and ensures the quality of acquired data and results.

Automatic generation and distribution of custom-built reports ensures that stakeholders quickly receive the information they need in a form that helps them make fast and informed decisions.

Reproducible. Robust Operation.

As a fully automated platform, Genedata Expressionist is ideally suited to data processing, analysis, and reporting in QC monitoring of biopharmaceuticals. Script-driven processing of raw data files delivers near-real-time MS-based monitoring and enables efficient 24/7 operation.

Enabling Solutions for GxP.

Built-in compliance functionalities of Genedata Expressionist—such as secure client-server communication, role-based access to projects and data, full audit trails, and locked-down workflows—can be leveraged together with custom processing solutions for GxP implementations in regulated environments.

Automate Routine Analysis. Safeguard Product Quality. Be GxP-Ready.

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