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All Biopharma Mass Spectrometry. One Solution. | Genedata Expressionist

All Biopharma Mass Spectrometry. One Solution.

Streamline MS-based biopharma analyses—such as multi-attribute method characterization and quality monitoring—using a single, scalable platform.

Choose Your Application

Biotherapeutic characterization, quality monitoring, and related proteomics
or metabolomics applications: Genedata Expressionist® offers
out-of-the-box performance that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Biotherapeutic Characterization | Genedata ExpressionistBiotherapeutic Characterization
  • Product Quality Monitoring | Genedata ExpressionistProduct Quality Monitoring
  • Multi-Attribute Method Approaches | Genedata ExpressionistMulti-Attribute Method Approaches
  • MS-based Contaminant Detection | Genedata ExpressionistContaminant Detection
  • MS-based Bioprocess Monitoring | Genedata ExpressionistBioprocess Monitoring
Biopharmaceutical Characterization | Genedata Expressionist

Biotherapeutic Characterization

Tailored solutions based on your workflows transform raw data into actionable insights. Best-in-class molecular characterization for any MS-based approach—such as peptide mapping, released glycans, and intact mass analysis—enables a better understanding of biotherapeutics.

Fully Leverage Your Data. Gain Deeper Insights.
Make Better Decisions.

Dig Deeper
Product Quality Monitoring | Genedata Expressionist

Product Quality Monitoring

A scalable enterprise solution enabling automated, knowledge-driven quality attribute monitoring that leverages insights gained throughout a molecule’s lifecycle. Built-in functionalities for data security, integrity, and traceability facilitate deployment in regulated environments. 

Automate Routine Analysis. Safeguard Product Quality.
Be GxP-Ready.

Ensure Quality
Multi-Attribute Method Approaches | Genedata Expressionist

Multi-Attribute Method Approaches

Combining both in-depth characterization and automated Critical Quality Attribute (CQA) monitoring in a single platform, Genedata Expressionist provides an end-to-end solution for multi-attribute method (MAM) implementations of a Quality-by-Design framework in biotherapeutic development and production.

Identify & Monitor CQAs. Build Your Knowledge Base.
Embrace Quality-by-Design.

Embrace QbD
MS-based Contaminant Detection | Genedata Expressionist

MS-Based Contaminant Detection

Workflow-based solutions enable flexible identification and quantification of product- and process-related contaminants—such as host cell proteins (HCPs) and polysorbate degradation products—delivering high-sensitivity while dramatically reducing the number of false-positive identifications.

Detect Any Contaminant. Increase Sensitivity.
Reduce False Positives.

Detect Impurities
MS-Based Bioprocess Monitoring | Genedata Expressionist

MS-Based Bioprocess Monitoring

Proven metabolomics capabilities facilitate identification and quantification of metabolites in bioreactors. Complete automation of MS data analysis provides close-to-real-time monitoring for biotherapeutic production.

Apply Mass Spec in Process Analytical Technology.
Optimize Bioprocesses.

Monitor Bioprocesses

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