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Bioprocess Platform

Uniquely designed for bioprocess development, the modern, application-ready platform is modular, scalable, and easy to integrate.

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While Genedata Bioprocess® provides out-of-the-box support for biopharma development workflows, the platform also allows flexible configuration for customer-specific workflows such as proprietary expression and purification protocols or analytical technologies.

Enterprise Platform.
Scalability That Works.

Directly integrating with all laboratory instruments to automate data transfer and capture, Genedata Bioprocess helps to design cost-efficient next-generation bio-manufacturing processes for biopharma companies of any size. The platform harmonizes overall bioprocess development workflows, streamlines communication and handovers, and provides central and transparent real-time access to all project information. Customers report tripling productivity using Genedata Bioprocess.

Application-Ready. Primed to Go.

As a true commercial off-the-shelf platform (COTS), Genedata Bioprocess is ready to go right after installation. All relevant business logic, such as for USP, DSP, CLD, and other applications, is built into the platform and immediately available. No painful and costly template development is required—out-of-the-box, the platform can be rolled out to the organization. It can also be easily configured to support corporate-specific variants of the bioprocess R&D workflow, such as handling custom sample nomenclature or integration with customer-specific lab automation setups.

Integration. Not Just a Buzzword.

Genedata Bioprocess is an open system that seamlessly integrates with any IT environment via its easy-to-use APIs. RESTful Webservices ensure a safe, transparent and high-performing integration with any corporate IT environment. Centrally maintained public APIs enable straightforward integration with existing corporate IT infrastructure, such as corporate ERPs or data warehouses. The open system architecture allows for simple yet flexible integration with corporate IT systems to address customer-specific integration requirements.

In-Line. Off-Line. At-Line.

As an open system, Genedata Bioprocess can be easily integrated with any kind of laboratory instrument, such as bioreactors, purification equipment, analytical devices, or pipetting robots. This enables the automated capture and transfer of all instrument data to reduce or completely eliminate the manual entry of data, which results in greater process efficiency and a reduction of manual errors. Our dedicated Ready-to-Run program ensures that the system can be seamlessly plugged into any major lab instrument on the market.

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