Genedata Bioprocess

Key Features

Genedata Bioprocess™ is an enterprise workflow system that enables a significant increase in throughput and efficiency for bioprocess research and development units. Supporting the entire workflow, from early cell line screening to downstream process and analytical development, the platform provides built-in business logic to simplify and accelerate bioprocess R&D.

  • Registers, tracks, and documents all cell lines and automatically generates unique clone identities
  • Produces comprehensive clone records (e.g., selection, passaging, sub-cloning, freezing, and thawing)
  • Interfaces directly with laboratory instruments (e.g., LHS and analytics instruments), tracks plate-based and non-plate-based clones
  • Records all relevant process parameters, including fermentation conditions, media, and purification methods
  • Integrates online and offline data (e.g., titer, pH, viable cell density, and metabolites)
  • Captures product quality attributes (e.g., glycosylation profiles)
  • Automatically processes and interprets data (e.g., Qp calculation)
  • Bases hit selection on multiple criteria (e.g., titer, confluence, and lactate versus viable cell density correlations)
  • Includes novel tools, for both numerical and image data, for decision-making to identify the optimal producer cell line
  • Manages all samples and inventories to streamline day-to-day laboratory logistics
  • Auto-generates reports (e.g., BLA submission documents)
  • Works with classical and multispecific antibody formats, recombinant proteins, and alternative scaffolds