Genedata Bioprocess


Genedata Bioprocess® is an industry-standard web application based on an Oracle® relational database infrastructure. It has been designed and optimized for processing, storing, and querying large and complex data volumes, specifically for the handling of large numbers of samples. As an open system, it enables seamless interfacing and integration with diverse laboratory instruments such as pipetting robots, colony pickers, and analytics devices. The Genedata Bioprocess software comes with significant built-in business logic and works out-of-the-box in its default configuration. The system can also be configured to support corporate-specific variants of the bioprocess R&D workflow - e.g., for the handling of custom sample nomenclature or integration with customer-specific lab automation set-ups.

Public APIs enable straightforward integration with existing corporate IT infrastructure, such as data warehouses, request management systems, LIMSs, ELNs, or project management systems. API implementations are centrally maintained for easy distribution and maintenance. The system also integrates on a desktop scale using off-the-shelf adapters for integration with standard lab tools.