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Request Management

The Request Management module improves operational efficiency and monitors overall R&D operations by supporting the full life cycle of task scheduling. Used to submit and track requests from initiation through completion, it manages intra- and intergroup communications and centrally documents the  progression of request fulfillment in real time. The module addresses key operational requirements, such as scheduling complex, iterative, multi-step tasks, and provides transparent status updates in the form of automatic, context-sensitive email notifications to selected stakeholders to ensure all steps are completed on time.


The system seamlessly integrates tasks performed by specialized groups, CROs and external collaborators, streamlining the execution of complex requests in a division-of-labor environment.


Built-in standard request templates for expression, purification, analytics, or QC allow users to rapidly deploy the system without the need for customization.


The system provides group-specific request lists to triage, prioritize, assign, and bundle similar tasks to increase efficiency and shorten turnaround time.


Dedicated request tracking functionalities allow users to monitor progress and facilitate resource forecasting for both the requestor as well as the teams working on the request fulfilment.


The system provides a central request dashboard showing the status of all requests and sends context-specific, customizable email notifications to keep all stakeholders informed through the request life cycle.


The system identifies and resolves bottlenecks by providing transparency of resource allocations, handovers, and usage, which in turn improves program management, optimizes team productivity, and streamlines workflows.

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