Genedata Biologics

Selected Customer References

Genedata Biologics has been rapidly adopted by the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies for projects that range from single group installations to large, global, multi-site partnerships and include technology transfer, customizations, project management, training, and roll out and deployment support. Here is a sampling of what leading companies have to say about Genedata Biologics.


"Pfizer is pleased to gain full access to this system for antibody discovery and protein engineering."

Dr. Will Somers

VP of Global Biotherapeutic Technologies

“One of the reasons we chose Genedata Biologics was the platform’s process coverage. We required that the full diversity of Pfizer’s large-molecule processes and technologies be supported by one integrated system. Genedata Biologics’ flexibility allows Pfizer to configure the system to address both proprietary discovery processes as well as Pfizer-specific business processes and nomenclature.”

Dr. Sergio Rotstein

Director of Research Business Technology


“Our collaboration with Genedata to develop a biologics data platform has been very successful. A commercial data management solution such as this has been sorely lacking in protein therapeutics.”

Dr. Clive Wood
Head of Global Biologics

“The Biologics Data Platform is an important system for our daily operations as it makes the highly interconnected biologics R&D processes more efficient. The Biologics Data Platform supports our scientists in a complex, multi-site environment by providing all the necessary information and tools to streamline the biologics lead generation and optimization process. At the same time, the Biologics Data Platform will provide a complete historical record of our therapeutic proteins, which will be important for downstream biologics development.”

Dr. Heiner Apeler
Director of Molecular and Antibody Biology


“We thoroughly surveyed the market and selected what we think is the leading antibody R&D workflow platform. The platform will help to increase Merck Serono’s throughput in antibody screening, engineering, and expression. Genedata Biologics will be our central repository for mission-critical data on therapeutic candidates such as bioactivity, developability, and manufacturability, and will enable transparent decision-making on candidates to move forward with.”

Dr. Bjoern Hock
Director, Global Head Protein Engineering and Antibody Technologies

“We are rapidly expanding our biotherapeutic R&D activities and needed a scalable, flexible platform that we could quickly and easily implement. We chose Genedata Biologics as it is the only out-of-the-box platform on the market dedicated to large-molecule R&D. Genedata Biologics will serve as our central system for registering, processing, interpreting, and sharing all our large-molecule data.”

Dr. Veit Ulshöfer
Director, Global Head of Research and Bioinformatics 

Boehringer Ingelheim

“Our Biotherapeutics Research division required a central system to support the complex and interconnected workflows in our large-molecule discovery units. We undertook a thorough selection process to find the best antibody workflow platform and Genedata Biologics was the obvious choice. We believe Genedata Biologics will help us to accelerate our antibody discovery programs as we develop the next generation of biologics drugs.”

Dr. Miguel Teodoro
Head of IT Research 


“We are very pleased with Genedata Biologics as our central biologics registration and data management platform for biologic molecules generated at UCB. Genedata Biologics’ flexible workflow engine has helped to quickly enable us to expand the platform’s use to our new proprietary biologics discovery workflows and technologies.”

Dr. Phil Scordis
Director of Informatics

“Central and consistent registration of all our biologics lead candidates is key to UCB’s R&D operations. Genedata Biologics tracks all biologics molecules from early discovery to development, and gives the UCB R&D organization central access to all relevant information on these molecules. Genedata Biologics provides a modular and scalable platform supporting complex R&D workflows in a division-of-labor environment. It seamlessly integrates into an existing research informatics environment and supports the full process through automation, standardization, and integration.”

Hector Sanchez
Senior Director of R&D Informatics 


“We made a decision early on to use Genedata Biologics as MorphoSys’ workflow backbone to accelerate our drug discovery efforts and have watched as Genedata Biologics has become the global industry standard for biopharma discovery organizations. We are pleased to see the steady and continuous evolution of the Genedata Biologics platform and how it addresses our consistently emerging new technology and workflow requirements.”

“Therapeutic antibodies are one of the fastest-growing drug classes in human healthcare. To advance our leadership in this field, our biopharma R&D operations require an integrated and scalable informatics infrastructure that can be tailored to support our biologics discovery processes. Genedata Biologics provides comprehensive biologics data management functionality and the flexibility needed to support our proprietary antibody discovery processes and technology portfolio. And, it provides this functionality out-of-the-box, which saves valuable research time and money.”

Dr. Markus Enzelberger
Vice President and Head of Discovery Alliances and Technologies 


“F-star develops innovative, targeted immunotherapies to fight cancer through several mechanisms. We have been looking for a workflow system that enables us to scale-up the throughput of our discovery programmes and addresses the large number of bispecific antibodies generated through our proprietary technology platform. We evaluated the market and quickly came to the conclusion that Genedata Biologics would suit our needs. Genedata Biologics provides a flexible architecture and includes built-in biopharma domain knowledge, which can handle our proprietary bispecific antibody discovery processes. We believe Genedata Biologics will help us to accelerate the discovery of the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics.”

Dr. Neil Brewis
Chief Scientific Officer

Crescendo Biologics

“Due to the complexity and scale of our product design activities and the vast amounts of data generated during candidate testing, we needed to implement a scalable system to work as a backbone for all our R&D activities. Thanks to its flexible architecture, Genedata Biologics can truly support our entire discovery process – right through from the immunization of transgenic mice, to lead selection, molecular modification and final candidate assessments. Genedata Biologics is a key component of our growth plans in the immuno-oncology and next-generation ADC space.”

Dr. Thomas Sandal
Vice President R&D


“Genedata Biologics is the leading workflow platform for high-throughput antibody discovery. Having access to this platform is expected to enhance Kymab’s capabilities across all our research programs. Thanks to Genedata’s flexible business model, we are able to take advantage of Genedata’s unique technology under terms that work well for a company of our size.”

Glenn A. Friedrich, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer

“Genedata Biologics makes the antibody discovery and optimization process more efficient. The platform’s open architecture allows us to flexibly configure the system to work with Kymab’s proprietary workflows and technologies, including our transgenic mouse platform. We are building our screening, expression, purification, and analytics workflows on the Genedata Biologics platform, which we believe will lead to an increase in throughput and automation.”

David Melvin, Ph.D.
Director of Informatics