Genedata Biologics

Biopharmaceutical Discovery & Development

Enterprise system for biologics R&D

Genedata Biologics™ is a data management system supporting end-to-end biologics research and development processes. Comprehensive in scope, it focuses on antibody screening, protein engineering and lead optimization, and biologics production.

Enabling integrated management of all biologics samples, molecules, and other R&D process-relevant data, the system supports day-to-day laboratory workflows and directly interfaces with laboratory instruments to facilitate data and sample handovers. A central registration engine provides unique naming and tracking of all biologics molecules, batches, and sequences, and relates these to relevant assay and analytics data. Full barcoding and automation support enable high-throughput biologics discovery operations.

The platform supports scientists in their daily R&D operations by simplifying and streamlining laborious, manual processes such as cloning or instrument operation. Users report up to 50% gains in efficiency and throughput, as well as improved quality of results due to a reduction in sample and data handling errors.

Genedata Biologics is an established platform that has been adopted by a growing number of major biopharma R&D organizations. Designed as an enterprise solution, the system simultaneously supports hundreds of different users, working in a multi-site, cross-department, division-of-labor environment. It works out of the box in its default configuration, and can be configured to address company-specific workflows, data formats, technologies, or naming conventions.



Supports all critical steps in the biologics R&D process – including library management, selection and screening, engineering and optimization, cloning, expression and purification, and analytics and QC

Technology and process independent – supports phage and yeast display, hybridoma, B-cell data, SLAM, and other discovery technologies and workflows in a single platform

Enables large-molecule registration – for any biologics molecule type, including IgGs, Fabs, scFv, bispecifics, next-gen Ab formats, Ab fusion proteins, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and non-antibody therapeutic proteins

Provides integrated management of protein and nucleotide sequences, including CDR / FW auto-annotations, prediction of chemical liabilities, PTMs, or calculation of physical-chemical properties

Facilitates high-throughput processing via fully barcoded and automated workflows in a system with proven processing and querying speed

Integrates sample management of expression and purification batches, facilitating  integration with inventory management systems, as well as with request management workflows

Manages all assay and analytics data in one system, enabling direct access to all laboratory analysis results for any given sample

Interfaces directly with laboratory instruments, simplifying instrument control and data exchange

Enterprise system that scales with hundreds of users and highest data volumes; includes interfaces to support external workflows with CROs and CMOs