Genedata Analyst

Making tranSMART Smarter

Unified in a single platform, Genedata Analyst™ and tranSMART bridge the gap between pre-clinical research and clinical development by combining capabilities to quickly enter, integrate, analyze, extract, and share patient- and drug-related data. It allows scientists to correlate exploratory clinical patient data with drug-related omics data for deeper insights, which enable the discovery of next-generation drugs and make the drug research and development process more efficient.

The streamlined approach provides a unified solution that:

  • integrates big data analytics capabilities with big translational research data

  • empowers scientists to efficiently analyze high-dimensional omics data based on subsets of clinical variables

  • supports a richer analysis of bio-molecular profiling data

  • enables efficient cross-study data analysis

  • integrates technology-specific data preprocessing and quality control capabilities

  • allows incremental enrichment of experimental clinical data

  • eliminates error-prone manual data handling and data transformation processes

  • fosters collaboration among global research teams by providing standardized analysis workflows

Why Genedata Analyst for tranSMART?

Combining tranSMART’s data warehouse capabilities with the advanced analytical tools of Genedata Analyst provides inter-disciplinary teams with an integrated research collaboration and data analysis platform. Genedata Analyst delivers significant value with its:

  • rich statistical toolbox to explore and analyze data for deeper insights into human diseases

  • scalability that enables  interactive analysis of large data sets with billions of data points

  • flexible plugin APIs for the integration of in-house and public data sources and reporting systems

  • out-of-the-box integration with public omics data sources including GEO, ArrayExpress, etc.

  • state-of-the-art software architecture for end-to-end traceability of data, analyses, and results

  • intuitive interface with pre-packaged features making it easy to use for all user levels  

  • ability to reduce the time to import, export, integrate, and analyze data – from days to minutes