Genedata Analyst


As a client-server-based bioinformatics software tool, Genedata Analyst™ supports hundreds of users on standard hardware. Server-side sessions guarantee data security and facilitate consistent knowledge- sharing company wide. Developed to lower Total Cost of Ownership, Genedata Analyst APIs enable integration with in-house data warehouses, public data repositories, and third-party data mining applications, ensuring compatibility with existing and evolving requirements.

Sophisticated mapping technologies allow researchers to combine data from different experimental platforms. Genedata Analyst enables all user groups to perform powerful data integration and aggregation mappings and provides reproducible and easy-to-use “one-click” mappings.

Client-Server Architecture
High-Throughput Data Analyses

The Genedata Analyst server application is extremely efficient, making optimal use of physical RAM, disk caching, and available CPUs. The design ensures that standard hardware can support hundreds of users on a single server. Utilizing a centrally managed server enables central deployment, easy backups, and results in low system maintenance cost.

Flexible and Easy Extensions

Designed with extensibility in mind, Genedata Analyst includes a rich set of well-tested and documented application APIs addressing all aspects of data import, export, and result reporting. Statistical APIs enable the seamless integration of third party tools for data mining and visualization into the Genedata Analyst platform, providing end users with a one-stop solution for all data mining needs.

Powerful Data Integration

Built on years of experience with different mapping technologies, Genedata Analyst allows all user groups to perform powerful data integration (e.g. technology integration) and aggregation (e.g. gene-level analysis) mappings. By combining mappings and integration of additional observations, Genedata Analyst enables researchers to understand data sets that may otherwise be untouched.