Genedata Analyst

Statistical Analysis

Genedata Analyst™ is the premier software solution for the integration and interpretation of experimental data in life science R&D. It puts rigorous statistical algorithms, interactive data analysis tools, and intuitive visualization into the hands of researchers and biostatisticians alike. Built on a scalable client-server architecture with a rich set of APIs, Genedata Analyst provides a centrally managed, secure, and scalable data mining platform that can be easily integrated into existing research IT environments. Advanced interactive data mining and visualizations are complemented by statistical applications including t-Test, ANOVA, linear models, Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Partial Least Square analysis (PLS), and many more.

Selection of Applications

  • Life Sciences R&D

    • Target discovery and target validation
    • Molecular profiling and biomarker discovery
    • Toxicology applications and predictive toxicology
    • Diagnostics applications, patient stratification
    • Compound optimization for toxicology & efficacy
    • Plant yield and resistance optimization

Key Features
Beyond Software
  • Supported APIs enable integration of in-house databases and reporting systems
  • The client-server architecture guarantees effortless maintenance and  flexibility
  • Enterprise solution enables end-to-end data and result traceability ensuring standardization and reproducibility
  • Proven workflow system and intuitive user interface designed for flexibility and ease of use
  • Rich statistical toolbox covers a wide range of data analysis requirements
  • Highly scalable - high-throughput system designed for efficient visualization and analysis
  • Proprietary mapping technology enables integrated analysis across diverse data
  • Out-of-the-box support for many experimental technologies and applications
  • Shared projects enable collaborative data analysis
  • Seamless integration of in-house QC and statistics tools
  • Excellent support and training from scientific and technical experts with no hidden costs

Increased Efficiency
  • Significantly reduced time and cost for data analysis and data management
  • No limitations on data set size or complexity of experimental designs
  • Simplifies data integration, independent of source or technology
  • Maximizes the value of statistical analysis through integration of diverse data
  • Enables collaboration within interdisciplinary teams of scientists and statisticians
  • Integrated biological knowledge helps to bridge the gap between statistics and biology
  • Easy-to-learn with a modern intuitive interface to guide even casual users through packaged feature sets
  • Cost effective with support for all popular omics technologies to enable one system for all applications.
  • Maximizes return of investment in technologies and improves experimental efficiency
  • Minimizes effort for integration into existing IT environments
  • GxP compliance facilitates FDA submissions
  • Benefit from customization services to meet specific requirements, delivered by the Genedata Professional Services team of biologists, computer scientists, and statisticians