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Genedata Profiler 15.0 Release

Simplifying Translational and Clinical Data Access and Analysis with Genedata Profiler

Another big step towards the digitalization of translational and clinical research. With the release of Genedata Profiler 15.0, scientists will now be able to uncover actionable insights through an intuitive, self-service Data Portal, and enhanced data integration and interoperability with external business intelligence tools. 

The latest release addresses the needs of researchers and clinical scientists to make better data-informed decisions faster in translational and clinical studies. We were able to simplify data ingestion and access, extending analytical options for users, and addressing some of the key requirements of innovative biopharmaceutical R&D organizations. 

Genedata Profiler 15.0 is the result of a development project in close collaboration with leading biopharma companies, such as Genmab (read more). The new cutting-edge features streamline the data analysis process, from ingestion, through fine-grained access to analytics, creating powerful insights. 

Streamline the Data Analysis Process, from Ingestion to Analytics

Data Portal | Genedata Profiler

The new Profiler Data Portal (watch the video) features an interactive, easy-to-use interface for secure self-service data access across all available studies and experiments. It allows user queries such as “Give me all data related to triple-negative breast cancer patients with a specific genomic mutation”.

Improved Data Integration | Genedata Profiler

Enhanced integration with data analytics tools for highly scalable & secure data analysis. Our analytics database connectors allow seamless, security controlled access & analysis of vast data sets in RStudio & BI tools. Integration with RStudio provides highly cost-efficient analysis by virtue of elastic computing using the Slurm scheduler.

Automated data ingestion workflows | Genedata Profiler

Automated data ingestion workflows with a wizard-like web interface to load, structure, and quality-control data in Genedata Profiler. This allows preconfiguration of the workflows and automation of data ingestion and integration without losing the flexibility to handle diverse data types and changing requirements.

Interoperability with third-party tools | Genedata Profiler

Improved interoperability with third-party tools to ingest, process, quality-control, and analyze data programmatically. This allows bioinformaticians to work with their preferred tools, while using Genedata Profiler as the central data management and security platform, ensuring full chain of custody in a GxP validated environment.

Security & Collaboration | Genedata Profiler

Improved platform resilience and secure cross-study collaboration. Single sign-on (SSO) support increases IT and employee security and productivity. Global study role auditing and enhanced study permissions ensure that the right users can access and use the right data.
(learn more about user access and permission)