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The Power of AI at Your Fingertips

Genedata Imagence® is a deep learning-based software that streamlines workflows, enabling assay biologists to easily apply deep neural networks. It allows scientists without specialized algorithmic expertise to leverage deep learning to interpret their results.

Network Training and Batch Processor

A Simple Two-Part Workflow.

Genedata Imagence is easy to use and consists of only two main components: Network Trainer and Batch Processor.  With the Network Trainer, a small set of reference data is used in training a neural network to recognize possible phenotypes. The Network Trainer comes with interactive visualizations allowing you to rapidly and intuitively explore the phenotypic space in a new way—maybe revealing new, unanticipated phenotypes. Raw images are available alongside these visualizations so that you can easily trace your analyses back to the original data.

When your network is ready, you can apply it to a larger, production-scale screening dataset using the Batch Processor. With the Batch Processor, you can ensure that every dataset is analyzed consistently in a fast and automated way.

With just these two steps, Genedata Imagence is simple and intuitive to use.

Integration with Instruments and Image Storage Systems.

Integration with Instruments and Image Storage Systems.

Genedata Imagence can be integrated with most common imaging instruments and storage systems, including: 

•    PerkinElmer Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System
•    Thermo Scientific™ Store informatics software
•    Molecular Devices MDCStore™ Data Management Solution
•    Custom or open-source image management systems, such as OMERO

Genedata Imagence directly integrates with Genedata Screener, which allows you to immediately assess the pharmacological validity of your results.

Webinar: An AI-based Approach to High-Content Phenotypic Characterization of Human iPSC-Derived Neuronal Cells

BioIT World Awards 2018 and 2019 for Genedata Imagence

Deployment in Your Infrastructure.

We work with you to deploy Genedata Imagence on your premises in a manner suited to your infrastructure needs. The only basic requirement is GPU compute capacity. We have experience with both centralized and parallelized architectures optimizing both the speed and cost-efficiency of data transfer and computation.

The Genedata Imagence team has successfully deployed Genedata Imagence using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting. If you’re interested in deploying Genedata Imagence with AWS, we’re here to help.

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