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Biosafety Open Forum

3rd Virtual Industry Workshop on NGS-Based Biosafety Testing, co-hosted by BMS

This exclusive event aims to bring together experts, facilitate knowledge sharing, and industry discussions around the key challenges and opportunities in the fast-evolving area of biosafety testing. The third edition will focus on Biosafety including Adventitious Agent Detection and Product Quality Assesment. This invitation-only event is limited to industry participants and is free to attend.


3:00 pmWelcome and Introductions

Anurag Khetan, Executive Director, Global Upstream and Cell Line Development, Biologics Development, Bristol Myers Squibb - Event Co-Host
Thomas Hartsch, Head of Genedata Selector, Genedata
3:10 pmOverview of Biosafety Testing Strategy and Regulatory Considerations
20min incl. Q&A

Veera Dheenadhayalan, Director, Biosafety, AstraZeneca
3:30 pmA Metagenomic Analysis to Further Inform the Viral Risk Assessment for Rapid Development of a Candidate COVID-19 Vaccine
20min incl. Q&A

Vanessa V. Sarathy, Associate Principal Scientist, Cell Basel Sciences - Analytical R&D, MSD Research Laboratories
3:50 pmGenedata Selector Demo on "Comprehensive Biosafety”
Automated Playbooks for AAD, Cell Line Characterization and Stability Testing

15min incl. Q&A

Devon Ryan, Scientific Consultant, Genedata

10:05 am

4:05 pm

A Newly Identified Small RNA Regulates NGNA Sialylation in CHO Cells
20min incl. Q&A

Simon Fischer, Senior Principal Scientist & Head of Cell Biology - Cell Line Development, Boehringer Ingelheim

10:25 am

11:15 am

4:25 pm

5:15 pm

Panel Discussion Moderated by Genedata

All Speakers + Guest Panelist
Lawrence Thompson, Senior Principal Scientist, Medicinal Sciences & Bio Therapeutics Analytical R&D Pfizer Inc.

Attendees at the previous Genedata Selector Biosafety Open Forum included partners from


“The purpose of our gathering and discussions is to start a pre-competitive R&D collaboration and discuss best practices using NGS-bases biosafety to identify adventitious agents during biopharma R&D.  We consider our discussions to be pre-competitive in nature as the best practices can be used very broadly in the industry.  Please keep the conversation to this topic and refrain from bringing up topics that could be considered anti-competitive under antitrust/competition laws, such as pricing.”